Kyosho Calmato II

Oh no! looked what turned up in the post. Well, after my little mishap last weekend - which I will rebuild over the winter by the way - I was already missing the Calamity enough to order another one. Yes, it’s that good. I’ll build it soon and then it will be business as usual :) Comment by Julia brown (2017-09-15 13:15:41): Calamity Jane 2 will have to wait. There is fun at the RC hotel to be had.

Calmato Calamity!

Bugger. I stacked my favourite model. My poor Calmato met with a calamity! After a battery of uneventful but fun flying doing more circuits, I took off, carried out a steep turn, over cooked the turn, though _crap, that’s inverted now I’d better roll it’ and discovered it wasn’t inverted but now was. Too late, full chat into the ground it went. :(

Carlos' not-cub Cub Crashed

After Carlos had a moment with his lovely yellow Piper Cub, he rebuilt it into something a little different. A low-wing not-cub Cub. Well, he had another moment! I’m sure it will rise from the ashes once more.

A Visit Up North

Carlos very kindly took me to an aeromodelismo meeting at the HC-012 club near Cercal do Alentejo, about a 2 hour drive from here. I took the Calmato and the Titan 58 wing, Carlos took all the models in the world. How it all fitted I don’t know, but it became clear that he must be pretty good at jigsaaw puzzles. The strip seemed to be pretty small and on a slope.

A Rare Miro Moment

It doesn’t happen very often, but just occasionally Miro steps up to the stage and gets awarded a solid 10⁄10 for effort. We all thought it was a normal pass in a knife-edge turn over our heads in the spectator area, right up until there was a shout of ‘Oi Oi’ from Miro followed several seconds later by a crump sound from the adjacent shooting club grounds.