About Me

My better half and I moved here to Lagos Portugal from the UK in 2015 after I decided that I had better things to do than spend another decade+ in IT, which I had been doing for the last 20 years. My 50th birthday was around the corner and that left me with another 18 years before retirement age. Pfff. Sod that, best move somewhere with a less expensive cost of living.

In the UK I had been an active private pilot for a very long time - only for recreation mind. I certainly didn’t have enough cash to carry on with that in my newly adopted country, so what to do? I had a few other hobbies anyway so wasn’t about to get bored anytime soon, but when Louis mentioned there were a few guys at the local municipal aerodrome flying radio-controlled models I figured I could fit that in as well.

I flew RC models for a while as a kid but that was 35+ years ago. I was about to start as a total beginner once more. I knew that at the very least I would provide entertainment to the other flyers, as inevitably I would drill new holes in the ground and return whatever model I was attempting to fly back into a kit.

This then, is what this blog is about. I expect nobody else will find this in any way, shape or form interesting, but at least any of my non-Facebook friends can see my chaos here in order to point at me and laugh at my expense.

It won’t have many posts of perfect flying because, well, I’ll be flying. But crashes. It will have plenty of them. Probably.