RC Hotel - Oops, Tree 1 : 0 FunCub

Ah, yes. I just got it a little wrong coming in with the Fun Cub (which is actually very entertaining to fly) and put it in a tree. it wasn’t my fault, the tree was magnetic. Honest.

The RC Hotel is in a hilly area surrounded by forest. The evil, thorny and very, very dense kind of forest.

Joe, the resident fixer kindly assisted in the recovery. Thanks Joe!

It's in there somewhere

My word. That was difficult. Even with thick leather gloves the thorns in the vegitation go straight through and you drip blood everywhere. Very sharp indeed. The only way is to slowly slowly cut your way in.

An hour of chopping and we’re making progress.


Can almost reach it

Eventually after much cutting the Fun Cub was recovered. After careful inspection by staff it was declared damage free and ready for more action. Another couple of batteries later and… the wing fell off turning it into a lawn dart.

This time a ‘no damage’ result was unlikely.

A least the wing landed safely

Yep, that’s a write-off. No cost to me though - ‘mechanical failure’. A little sad because the canopy was lost earlier when the elastic band holding it on snapped and the canopy floated down into the forest. I spent an hour making a replacement which can be seen in the above photo.

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