RC Hotel - Corfu, Greece

Well, I’m not sure how I managed it, but here we are (me and the wife) for the week in the RC Hotel, Corfu, Greece. Yes, that’s correct; I managed to convince the wife that we should go on holiday to a place dedicated to model flying.

The RC Hotel is an RC model flying place that happens to have a great hotel on site :) That wording is like that for a reason - there are a few other places in Europe that try and match the needs of the model flyer to a hotel but they are all a hotel that happens to be near a model-flying strip.

This place is the opposite. It is a dedicated model-flying place that has a very nice hotel, pool, etc on the same site as the flying strip (and also a boating lake). You can fly foamies, balsa, trainers, aerobatic planes, helicopter, drones and even sail boats. Electric and also glow engined. Well, maybe no glow drones ;)

We arrived late last night (getting to Greece from Portugal is a PITA as most flights go to Northern Europe) and I’ve just had a look around. All I can say is wow. There is an extensive array of models for guests to fly.

Model hangar

More models

Of course there are costs if you crash and write-off a model - 100 Euro for a small model or helicopter, 180 Euro for a large one. Considering the cost of models, that’s not bad should the unfortunate happen.

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